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released May 21, 2016

Written & recorded by Bryce Hotz at Archetype Recordings in Omaha, NE
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

Arranged by Lodgings

Lodgings is:
Bryce Hotz-vocals, guitar
Jim Schroeder-guitar
David Ozinga-bass
Eric Ernst-drums
Megan Siebe-cello
Sean Lomax-trumpets


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Lodgings Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha grandpa band

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Track Name: Hiding From The Sun
You're Satan's heart
You've had a wretched start
He pulled your legs apart and owned you
Don't believe you're pure

You entertained your hearse
And indulged in worse
Hollowed out your best intentions
Burrowed in the dirt

What have you become hiding from the sun?

Got a weight to pull
Got a cagey soul
An innate disgrace runs rampant
Wants to be alone

What have you become hiding from the sun?
What is done is done
Hide now from the sun
Track Name: There's Nothing Sacred Anymore
Once upon a time, there was a fabled life
Where things just worked out right and people were valued
There were limits to ego and how much you could feed it
There were boundaries you could not cross
Must have been something in the water

Because by the time that you read this
There isn't much left to believe in
And all the water's running hellishly dry
And if I had to wager
I'd say we're losing major
This septic tank's been spilling over for a while.

And if you make eye contact
Make sure you're armed and ready
Prepare to watch them lose their shit and abort their values
Because when they're hungry and needy
There's no time for your feelings
They're going to eat you up and never look back

And in a matter of hours, they'll have wholesale devoured you
And all the people they've been aching for
And they'll patiently wait for more
And if you think that they're ones to fool
Just remember their golden rule
There's nothing sacred in this world anymore

There's nothing sacred anymore
Track Name: Man of the Hour
Stumbled on a log hollower than God
It crumbled underfoot, but still he fell
Tempered like some glass, his jagged edge held back
He prefers to break gracefully

Must have been dumb luck filling up his cup
Knowing that there wasn't a drop nearby
and filling him with pride
Another lease on life is pumping up his ego to enormous heights

Look at this poor schmuck thinking he's hot stuff
Martyr of the bored and callous ones
Jumping off the bridge
Opening the fridge and cracking open one of his parables
Track Name: Garbage Mind
Righteous and wrong, speaking out of place
Unable to live with your disgrace
The oxygen has long been running from your face
But abstinence has never really been your taste

I don't want to deny what you think is your right
Better honor your pride

Happy birthday! Junk inside!
You're junk inside
It's hard to watch it. Watch it grow.
Watch it grow when exposed to the light
Trying to pick a fight
Garbage exposed to the light
Better run off and hide

I've seen the rise of faker things than you
The utter demise of everything that's good
Filters used to catch most of the disease
But after awhile they clog my memories

I don't want to deny that you're wretched and trite
Instead, I'll be drinking tonight

Happy worst day! Grow a hide. Grow a hide.
Hide your garbage, your garbage mind. Your garbage mind
I don't want to deny that you're wretched inside
Mind numbing and blind
An emotional child
Scared of being denied of what you think is your right
Pushing others aside
Yeah, you're garbage inside
Track Name: Artful Beggars
Setting sights onto your adulation
Trying to figure out what to do
The complicated nature of courting
It's making me sick and killing the mood

It's hard to amuse you while I'm caught in the gates
While artful beggars pass under my legs

Stubbed my toes trying to dance with you
Another awkward moment ensues
Poured my brain out on the linoleum
Forgot what I was trying to prove
While setting sights onto your adulation
And trying to figure out what to do
The complicated nature of courting
It's making me sick and killing the mood

It's hard to amuse you while I'm caught in the gates
While artful beggars pass under my legs
Track Name: Peasants
Our distance is something I abhor
I long to bridge all the space in our hearts
Repair their tangled, rotten boards
And make this path worth travelling down

Temporal, your porous ramparts
Aren't good at defending your heart anymore
They've been crumbling, wave after wave
Subjected to calls from amor

As sinister as I may appear, you really have nothing to fear
A tamer lion you'll make out of me
An heir to domesticity

Our amateur awkwardness is couth
It points to a well received notion of youth
That vital well-spring of truth
Demanding attentiveness

And tend we will, like good peasants do
Preparing our ground for our seed
I don't believe we'll ever reach
The harmony we're keen to keep
Track Name: Hymn VI
Lord, call a shrink
I'm too proud to think of any other one
Man, you got it wrong
Oh, you got it so wrong you'll never reverse what's done to you
Oh, how it eats you through
You're tarred and feathered

Here you strut around like you're singing
Hear your stuttered cries when you're sleeping bad
Headed down the chute
Closed the hatch behind, there's no trace of you

Never follow through. I always run to you
I'd like to split in two, you're like my super-glue

Haven't slept a wink
Had a decent week a long time ago
Counting liquid sheep
They prey on the weak and disheartened

I'll always run to you
I know you want me to be tarred and feathered.
Track Name: Plumb
I've said it all before
Limping through the door
Alone and ready
Gonna sweep you off your feet
With these awful memories

You've spurned my love before
I got caught between adored and fervent hatred
Parading back and forth while falling off the wagon

Low tide's barren quilt
Washed away, yet I'm clamoring for more
For the tired and irate violins
I'll lie down

I've tried to document
Taking pictures of the flood
Turns out it wasn't real
Nor was I, or anyone

Low tide's barren quilts washed away
And I'm clamoring for more
For the tired and irate violins
Vibrating with such a violence
Calling for me to submit
I'll lie down
Track Name: Mild
Extradite your loneliness
The parasites will have a fit
Raging in their impotence
Their home is on the fire

Had enough of emptiness
Arid soil and worn out bits
Tissy fits and abstinence and hanging on a wire

Who made you smile?
Who made you mild
And calm enough to get a night's sleep
And remember your dreams?

Once there was a bitter pill
A soiled rag to fit the bill
The withered shill's been ousted still
Exposed unto the sun's light

The aptitude to pick a fight has vanished in the hurried night
Entitlements were burned at stake
Your gentle side awakes

Who made you mild?
Who made you mild?
Who made you mild?
And calm enough to get a night's sleep
And remember your dreams
And deliver your speech
Bring your peace within reach?
And you're always a peach
Always mind what you've preached
Always get a night's sleep
And remember your dreams

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